About us

Company Profile

It was created in 2014

With more than many years of combined experience in the field of automations and named as Suzhou Chameleon in 2014, we continue to put forth excellent automation solutions aligned with efficient design & manufacturing to meet high-end requirements.

We deliver automation design, support and manufacturing capabilities that include but are not limited to:


  • Customized automation equipment solutions

  • High-speed CCD inspection system

  • Software & Testing

  • Vacuum potting solution

  • CCD inspection solution-Deep learning

  • Intelligent manufacturing solution


  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Leading Innovation

  • Excellence in Service

  • Consistent Quality

  • Timely Delivery

We are located in Suzhou SIP,Jiangsu, with convenient transportation access, and it covers an area of more than 4000 square meters .All of our solutions comply with customer’s requirements and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world, including automotive, consumer electronics, new energy and packaging industry.

We have over 80 employees, boast an annual sales figure that exceeds 10K+ USD in 2017 and in recent years we have been developing steadily .Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of design & manufacturing enable us to guarantee total customer satisfaction.

More than 30 product patents


More than 200 successful cases


2000㎡ production office area


Development course


The Establishment of the company

Team building focuses on better customer service


Businessexpansion Businessexpansion 

Continuous team building planning module standardization items from the manager one-stop service mechanism to participate in the exhibition


Team building  Team building &NBsp;

Strengthen project management, establish failure mode analysis and project review mechanism, set up independent research and development team and standardized application for 15 patents of special modules


Strategy distribution  Strategy distribution&NBsp;

Increase the testing team, increase the R&D investment, continue the standardization process, and set up a sales team


Toward The future  Toward the future 

Set up software test center Set up visual research and development center

Corporate culture

Cultural system

Dedication, with dedication for joy

Have a strong sense of self-responsibility and dedication, perseverance to overcome the frustration and pressure encountered in the work.

Make good use of all wisdom and get the joy of work from it.

Team spirit, proud of the team

The success or failure of the company is closely related to each employee. Any employee is a resource, unity is infinite resources.

Service spirit, service to win

Customer demand is a huge wealth, convenient transportation and cost advantage.

Professional spirit, professional-oriented

Every employee must have the professional vision and knowledge to deal with all the problems that may be encountered in the work.

Purpose and objective

Enterprise purpose

Integrity, hard work, innovation, excellence

Quality objective

1, product inspection pass rate of more than 98%
2, product delivery pass rate guaranteed to reach 100%
3, customer satisfaction of more than 95%

Quality policy

Advocate integrity-based, customer demand first
To ensure quality and efficiency, the pursuit of continuous improvement

After-sales service

After-sales service is the last link in the enterprise sales link, but also the most important part of the sales work, is the key link for enterprises to win a broad market space and unlimited business opportunities. Wanfust conforms to the market development trajectory, and responds to the market challenges with a positive attitude, which is a magic weapon to maintain its vitality and vitality in the long run.   

While ensuring product quality, we meet customer needs to a greater extent, urgent customers, think what customers think, provide customers with rapid and thoughtful after-sales service, reach long-term cooperation with customers, rapid response to after-sales events, and constantly strengthen the training of after-sales service personnel, improve the business ability of after-sales service personnel, Finally achieve customer satisfaction.

Add: No.58 Yinsheng Road, Shengpu, Suzhou Industrial Park

Contact: Shuai Army

Tel : 金莎9001zz以诚为本


Email: Brian.shuai@sz-chameleon.com