3 Travel Bags To Buy During Canada Day Long Weekend

Summer has officially made its warm entrance with the heat, the smell of smoke-good barbeque and the taste of aperol spritz during patio season. These long warm days has us glamorizing on nautical-inspired outfits and winery-fitted fashion with puffed sleeved sundresses, woven straw hats, floral prints, linen sets, natural-wavy beach hair and golden accessories which give fashion lovers much needed inspirations, aside from the cold, heavy autumn and winter wear.

The travel bag is an essential accessory for summer vacations. Real talk packing light for any trip seems almost impossible. We often carry way more toiletries than we’d like to admit. We also like to carry a couple of extra bottles of sunscreens. and bring a mini first aid kit filled with additonal electrolytes to fight dehydration and a series of bug repellent sprays. The only problem is it's kind of difficult to find a stylish one without compromising usefulness and functionality. But look no further, Bagwerk’s leather bags are here for all your getaway situations.

Most bags found in our collection are spacious enough to hold an entire arsenal of products, it also has a classical, timeless aesthetic appeal with your choice of neutral or exotic colors that fits right into your wardrobe. The composition of the leather with multiple layers of thickness and textures creates a natural resistance to water and helps retain the leather’s strength, sturdiness and durability which make it a bonus feature for many water-related activities, which we know most of you will be participating in throughout these months.

With Canada Day long weekend just around the corner, we’ll be showcasing our top three favorite travel leather bags that’ll carry all your essentials and go well with any of your escapades.

Nagoya by Aunts & Uncles is a multifunctional backpack and weekenders bag where style meets function. It comes in five gender-neutral colors; griffin, blueberry, fallen rock, vaporous gray and black. It has two large separate compartments, which are the best features because you have a space for a work tablet in one area and a full load of summer supplies in another. It also has a strong carrying handle and adjustable padded shoulder straps, which can be easily stowed with its own individual pocket.

Nagoya by Aunts & Uncles

But every shopper who’s come across it has complemented its robust, top quality, water-repellent cotton fabric with a silk matte full grain cowhide coating. It is considered to be the strongest and most durable part of the leather and contains the natural characteristics of cattle’s skin. Because of this, it's made to endure through spills, blemishes, smudges and/or spit ups. Through aging beautifully over time with wear and use, this leather develops a patina, also known as a soft sheen, which provides a character to the product and maps its and your many adventures.

Mrs. Choco Sprinkle by Aunts & Uncles is a spacious, sleek and stylish, medium-sized handbag and totally doesn't look like your typical travel bag, so you can extend its life span by using it as your go-to-purse way past summer nights! It has three built-in compartments to help organize smaller items, detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, striped interior lining, small metal feet on the bag's bottom to help protect it from moisture, vintage pendant on a chain and a complementary purse to store away your passport and airline tickets rather than frantically digging for it when you need it.

Mrs. Choco Sprinkle by Aunts & Uncles

A hallmark feature is its artisanal treatment process of the semi-vegetable tanned leather, which creates a unique contrasting matte and shiny finish. Making each bag completely special and distinctive just like you.

We could not go on with celebrating Canada Day without mentioning a bag with a nice pop of color. The Grapefruit by Aunts & Uncles in jester red is a quintessential carry-all whether you like to pack light, heavy, or a mix of both. It features a square main case, foldable pocket enclosure, detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, golden patterned interior lining and high-quality top handle.

Grapefruit by Aunts & Uncles

If you’re not a fan of the spotlight red, it comes in eight other gender-neutral colors, jet black, cognac, sweet corn, ensign blue, mayfly, racing red, sunflower and simply taupe, by just looking at all the names it just screams “this is a summer bag”. The cherry on top is its an amazing transitional accessory piece made for every travel season of your life - backpacking across Asia, wine tasting in Italy, visiting long-distance families and so much more.