Leather Bags ‘Bridgerton’ Characters Would Wear This Spring Part One

Bridgerton, the global sensational show, based on Julia Quinn’s best-selling novel, produced by Shona Rhimas, narrated by Julia Andrews is about to “wow” us, a second time around, with its storyline, “scandals” and of course fashion attire. The utopian Victroian era has us romanticizing farmcore and countrycore fashion, with lacy high-waisted corsets, puffed sleeved baby doll dresses, descant jewelry, outrageous hairstyles, velvet outerwear capes, long ball gown gloves and more which give fashion lovers much needed outfit inspirations, aside from the typical work or leisure wear.

Yes, they have the glamor, the extravagance, and the obvious eye candies but one rare gemstone the show is missing are bags - specifically leather bags! These classic, trendy, timeless fashion staples pieces with its neutral earthy tone colors, will fit right in with the High Regency aesthetics. Crafted with multiple layers of thickness and textures to create a natural resistance to water and retain its strength, sturdiness and durability, which make it an important feature especially those characters who happen to casually slip or fall into fountains and/or lakes.

They could opt for faux synthetic bags but why would they want to anyway? It just ends up snapping, or breaking apart into pieces, staining high quality clothes, discoloring after four uses or transforming into a whole different type of bag than originally purchased for. Plus, they’re way too bougie for that. All the Bridgerton characters, especially the Featheringtons, would go over the moon for these Bagwerk bags; if they can invest in superb gowns for all their exquisite tea parties, luxurious debutante balls and affluent equestrianism, they’d proudly Invest in well-crafted handbags - leather bags were made for this era! So here’s our take on which purses Bridgerton characters would wear this spring 2022 based on their outfits and personality.

In this season, the style show's lead, Kate Sharma, is influenced by Indian or South East Asian draped garments , the sari and the lehenga. Of course, Miss Sharma stuck to the overall English Royalty theme, with fancy horse dresses, elaborate hair pieces and dainty shoes. But her gowns are consistently designed with intricate patterns paired with calming, cooler tones of blues, teals and purples to exude her authoritative, soothing, majestic and mysterious aura.

She definitely needs a purse that would compliment her personality and wardrobe without outshining her beauty. We totally see her entering the ballroom floor with the Sophie by Aunts & Uncles. This mini purse features a delicate-metallic closure lock, adjustable straps, concise, well-defined bag body with fan side wedge, gold metallic patterned interior, detachable straps and premium waxed structured canvas. This dual-purpose bag is part of the Madame Chic Collection designed for the everyday societal woman in mind. In solid polished premium semi-vegetable tanned leather and chic emerald green, this reversible clutch bag will boost her elegant boss babe vibes!

Sophie by Aunts & Uncles

We could not go on without mentioning the “diamond of the season” and leading lady of season one, Daphne Bridgerton. Her signature pastel blue empire gown or jewel-embellished dressing gown displays her femininity, power and seduction. We obviously love her flirtatious plays of temptation and enticement with her husband, Simon Bassett.

But as her role transitions from a married woman to a mother, her style matures as well. So she’ll need a bag that’s spacious, versatile and stylish to welcome in her new stage in life. The Ducktail features a large compartment case with snap silver buckles, cotton-lined interior, adjustable shoulder straps, rain flaps, vintage fittings and multiple side pockets. Because of its artisanal waxed vegetable tanned leather and blend of premium cowhide-twill fabric coating and relining, it retains its original shape and reduces shrinkage overtime which is great to store as many diapers or bottles needed! In sophisticated midnight black, this handbag will grab the attention of all the other moms wishing they would have it too!


Lastly, Eloise is the satirical opposite of her older sister Daphne, the unconventional rule breaker and the explorer outside norms of British society. Her rebellious nature translates into her style, as she reluctantly dresses in styles deemed appropriate for ladies entering society. Nothing screams unorthodox than the Tracy Cute by Aunts & Uncles. This mini fanny pack features a lipstick red color with a main compartment pocket with zipper, adjustable waist strap, and flamingo patterned interior lining and complimentary silver details.

Tracy Cute by AUNTS & UNCLES

Stay tuned next time, we’ll be talking about three more characters (hint - one of them has an alter ego) and the leather bags that’ll suit their needs, outfits and charisma!