Top Four Stylish Leather Bags for Mother’s Day

The mom bag; it’s an institution. It’s not always the most attractive bag, but it gets the job done. Real talk kids are unpredictable; parents have to deal with whatever scenarios arise from spills to spit ups to boo-boos and so much more. Moms need bags that are designed for kid-proof situations, have organizational perks, and have everything they and their child needs at all times. But the struggle has always been to find a stylish one without compromising usefulness, functionality or being overwhelmed by under performing options. Between oversized tote bags and purses, we’ve come a long way since then.

So what’s the gold star standard for a mom bag? Well, in addition to being spacious enough to hold an entire arsenal of products, it also has to have some kind of aesthetic appeal since it's going to be around for the foreseeable future. Versatility is also key, as you're likely going to need a style that can function as a handbag, snack bag, work bag, and bottle holder. Bonus points if it's water-resistant and durable too.

We know leather bags don’t have the diaper or mom bag appeal, but it does check off all the boxes of a handy-dandy mom bag. Bagwerks handcrafted artisanal leather bags are an excellent way to show your appreciation for your mom or partner, supporting mamas in any parenthood phase and stylish enough to use past infancy years! From unisex diaper bags to high-quality top handles, below are four bags to buy for yourself, or Gift a mom in your life.

Infants & Toddlers

Big Finn by Aunts & Uncles


Every shopper who's come across it—parent or not—has complimented it because it's not only objectively stylish; it's also unbelievably functional. In gender-neutral design, this multi-purpose messenger bag comes in soft, polished, premium buffalo hide. Its artisanal and hand-crafted process generates a patina over time; developing a unique vintage-aged look for each bag. There are tons of zippered pockets (plenty of them to store bottles and diapers), three spacious comparments, solid carrying handles, long adjustable straps, two magnetic snap front-belt buckles to easily whip out the essentials and an elastic trolley-sleeve to slip over the handle of a baby-buggy, luggage or suitcase. It keeps everything organized and easily accessible and the cherry on top is it’s an amazing transitional accessory piece made for every season of life - parenthood, traveling, business and so much more.

If you’re looking for a multi-pocketed bag but don’t want it to look like your traditional diaper bag, the Dark Chocolate by Aunts & Uncles is for you. This oversized shoulder bag is designed for quick trips where you don’t need a full amount of wet wipes, binkies, burp cloths or onesies, ideal for when you’re on the go. It's made of soft, polished, premium vegetable tanned cowhide, finished with decorative stitching, has cotton lined removable, adjustable shoulder straps and many pouches to store everything you and your kiddo need.

Dark Chocolate by AUNTS & UNCLES

Pre-teens & Teens

As kids outgrow their diapers, binkies and onesies, we find moms need a bag for their teenage children who expect them to carry extra snacks, first aid kits, water bottles and everything you need at all times in your mom bag.

Mrs. Mud Cake by Aunts & Uncles is a multifunctional backpack and crossbody shoulder bag where style meets function. It comes in five gender-neutral colors, caramel, navy, black smoke, twilight blue and cloudburst, we would buy all five if we could. It has two large separate compartments, which are the best part because you have a space for a work tablet in one area and mom supplies in another. Top-quality semi-vegetable sun-dried premium cow leather is built to last a lifetime.

Mrs. Mud Cake by AUNTS & UNCLES

Mrs. Velvet Pie is a spacious, sleek and stylish, medium-sized handbag and totally doesn't look like your typical mom bag, so you can extend its life span by using it as a travel bag way past the baby years! It has tons of easy-access pockets, three large padded pouches to help you keep your smaller items organized and a complementary purse to store away Iphone chargers rather than frantically digging for it when your teen kids are annoying you. The cowhide is semi vegetable tanned, and treated by hand to create a unique finish of contrasting matte and shiny effects.